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Nelito presents banks with FinCraftTM BI (Business Intelligence) & Analytics platform which in essence will provide 'actionable intelligence' leading to growth of an efficient and dynamic business entity. Using FinCraftTM data analytics and business intelligence for banking, Banks can easily access information regarding the performance of products and thus plan and predict the customer behavior for products in the pipeline. With the help of BI & Analytics solutions, aspects like profitability, sales of products and customer demographics (e.g. segments etc.) can be gauged and analyzed.

FinCraftTM Data Analytics for financial services helps banks become smarter in facing the challenges they face. In addition to basic reporting it offers advanced predictive and prescriptive analytics. This helps banks to drive revenue & profits and reduce risks

Solution from Data Warehousing and Analytics Team of Nelito helps the customer efficiently streamline the process of consolidating large amount of disparate and complex data including both structured and unstructured ones into a user-ready business model and data points. It enables stakeholders from respective line of business and / or analysts to easily analyze, visualize and report data across various sources in a hassle-free way. The source data can be gathered from multiple sources like large Data Warehouses, Transaction Systems, Social Media, Web clickstreams, any soft copy form to build a 360-degree view of the business.

Nelito's BI & Analytics services can be classified into:

  • Reporting
    It focusses on creating data repositories and reporting the current situation via simple reports.
  • Descriptive Analytics
    Focuses on creation of actionable data from available data.
  • Predictive Analytics
    Involves predicting of future outcome of events using structured and unstructured data.
  • Prescriptive Analytics
    It translates a prediction into an actionable plan and helps users identify the way to implement the plan.

Create Ad-hoc reports

With FinCraftTM BI and Data Analytics services, creating a new report is extremely easy by virtue of its drag and drop features. The user can himself define the parameters and then choose the required fields as well as define the periodic intervals for report publishing.

Decision Support System

FinCraftTM Business Intelligence and Analytics platform also acts as an executive decision support system, where, based on historical data, the tools such as 'what if' analysis and predictive analysis can be leveraged to arrive at important decisions. Thus, for instance, a bank can evaluate the effect of change in interest rate, of say 25 basis points; will have on cross section of products and services.

Monitoring product performance through customized dashboards

The dashboards of FinCraftTM BI and Analytics Solution allows banks to analyze information regarding the performance of products and thus accordingly plan and predict the customer behavior for products in the pipeline. Valuable insights on Profitability, Revenue and Customer demographics can be gauged and analyzed.

Profitability Analysis

The BI & Analytics services also expedites the process of evaluating the product profitability including dimensions such as time frame, customer profiles etc. For instance, a bank can immediately get real time information about the number of footfalls and average amount drawn by customers at a particular ATM; the bank is then able to take decisions about the cash-to-be-stocked and even security required at that ATM center.

FinCraftTM Business Intelligence and Analytics Solution has other benefits including saving on cost and reduced manpower. Moreover, for report writing which usually banks would have to outsource, Nelito's solution enables them to do it in-house, thus maintaining data integrity.

Nelito can support leading Big Data frameworks such as Hadoop besides, Traditional Data Warehousing Methodologies. The idea is effectively consolidating the existing complex data sets of the customer so that business owners can have insights into their businesses.


Following are the benefits of FinCraftTM Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions

  • Better business insights to improve the Growth and Margins
  • Understanding customer behavior to offer them suitable solutions
  • Reduce risks
  • Product and portfolio optimization to streamline costs

Solution Availability

Our solutions are available globally. Please visit our country pages for more information


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    “The Bank is associated with M/S Nelito since 2002. M/S Nelito Systems Ltd has been our CBS vendor since 2009. The Products, quality of service offered by them are excellent. They have a very good support team and are trained enough for handling any type of situation.”

    D K Kandpal | Vice President (IT)

    Nainital Bank

    “Good & Co-operative.”

    Ronniee Gupta | DGM

    UCO Bank
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    “We appreciate your local team who continuously supported & assisted our team to meet the goal.”

    Nagendra Nath Sinha | Principal Secretary IT

    Government of Jharkhand, Ranchi
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    “Our Bank is attached with Nelito Systems Ltd since 2002 and migrated to CBS on FinCraftTM CBS Core Banking Solution of Nelito Systems Ltd, in the year 2005.The application is functionally rich, user friendly and easy to navigate. We are using other supporting interfaces of Nelito like anywhere ATM, SMS Banking, RTGS/NEFT, Share Accounting etc and it has helped us in smooth automation of Banking operations. The bank is getting more time for Business Development”

    V P Bhandari | Managing Director

    Hindu Co-operative bank
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    • As Vendor strict adherence to process & procedures
    • Risk Mitigants in Place
    • Flexible to customer requirements

    Dinesh Negi | VP (Clg)

    DCB Bank Ltd
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    “Nelito’s proactive customer centric approach and use of industry best practices enabled us to convert our business function in world class core IT application .”

    Umesh Ikhe | Group CTO

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    “The Software has excellent real time response even from our remote branch which is app. 100 kms from the Data center”

    Rashmikant Kalathia | Ex. General Manger

    Ahmedabad People Co-operative Bank Ltd.
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    “Nelito has given one stop solution and completed the browser based CBS Computerization of 54 branches within 7 months of our order. We are happy with the product and services “

    B.J. Kale | General Manager

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