Digital Banking Solutions

Today's customers are trailblazers and are adopting these recent technologies which has changed the way they interact with their banks. With Digital Banking services, you can make banking simple, convenient and available wherever your customers are.

FinCraftTM Digital Banking Suite help financial institutions provide compelling digital banking experiences, and is designed to Attract, Engage and Extend Customer Relationships. Nelito provides you Omni-Channel digital banking suite which consists of core banking, mobile banking, internet banking and doorstep banking solutions. This enables you to drive innovation and growth, provide seamless customer experience and achieve operational excellence.

Enabling the Transformation

  • Ecosystem Integration
  • Optimize your Operations
  • Reinvent Customer Journey
  • Leverage the power of data
  • Meet regulatory requirements.
  • Build a digital driven organization

Business Benefits

  • Build a digital driven organization
  • Faster Time to Market
  • Greater Convenience and Efficiency
  • Drive collaboration with ecosystem through Open APIs
  • Manage growth with proven scalability
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