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Overview - Back Office Outsourcing Services

Nelito enables clients to focus on core competencies through a comprehensive suite of outsourcing services. Banking & Finance industry is embracing outsourcing of services more than ever before in a bid to streamline processes and maximise efficiencies. Our expertise with deep industry knowledge helps us to provide customized back office BPO services that match our client’s business needs. Our prime aim is to maintain compliance with industry-followed quality and security standards while enhancing your service delivery excellence.

Some of the key purpose banks are choosing on back office outsourcing services is to boost success, enhance the bottom line, massive data management by skilled resources and reduced risk. Furthermore, back-office outsourcing permits banks to manage transactional processes of an extensive nature on a high-frequency basis.

Our back-office support Services provide banks with empowerment and enhanced business efficiency and an improved bottom line.

Outsourcing back-office support services offers banks some augmented agility, and this helps banks to keep in pace with the growing fintech sector, competition and to boost their productivity. Another key area that back-office outsourcing aids banks and financial institutes are with the process of regulatory compliance.

Customer Care Outsourcing

Our helpdesk / technical support offers a round-the-clock service portfolio consisting of application operation support as well as level 0, level 1, and level 2 support services.

Streamlining Business Processes, Enhancing Business Productivity

  • Transparency in Operations
    We ensure complete transparency and client control over the project with regular project reports.
  • Data Security and Confidentiality
    We sternly administer the best practices of information security as per ISO 27001 to ensure that our client’s data remains secure at all times.
  • 24*7 Operations
    Our round-the-clock operations guarantee a remarkable TAT that helps to increase productivity and efficiency.
  • Assured Data Quality and Accuracy:
    All our processes are in alignment with ISO 9001:2015 and CMMI DEV 3 standards. Our quality assurance team ensures that data accuracy is at or above 99%.
  • Scalability and Adaptability
    Scalable outsourcing models to support project changes and business growth. High service flexibility, speed and efficiency, thus ensuring business continuity.
  • Skilled Manpower
    Our highly skilled and trained professionals execute assigned tasks meticulously with regular essential skill training to remain updated on the latest industry trends.

Major benefits of outsourcing back office functions

  • Focus on core operations
  • Expertise that can span multiple functions and business processes
  • Immediate cost savings related to staff, technology, support and capital costs
  • Access to state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure
  • Avoidance of future investments, including regulatory spend
  • No hassle of staff acquisition and retention
  • Reduction in operational risk by standardizing processes and oversight
  • Improvements to service quality and efficiency

Our domain specific back office BPO Services includes:

  • Catalog Management
  • Data Mining
  • Data Entry
  • Data Management
  • Transaction Processing & Management Services
  • Billing and Invoicing Services
  • Purchase Order Processing Services
  • Data Conversion and Document Digitization
  • Document Indexing and Archiving Services
  • Application Processing
  • Database Management
  • OCR Services
  • Retail and eCommerce
  • Accounting Data Entry

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