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Overview - FinCraftTM Data Archival and Retrieval solution

Data Archival and Retrieval solution is a cutting-edge archival and reporting solution for banks and financial institutions. The need of a database archiving solution arises due to migration or retirement of existing applications. Also there are a lot of moving parts and data that must be monitored and reported in order to stay protected and compliant with all the regulations. Record keeping and archiving data are the most important aspects of regulatory compliance for banks and financial institutes.

Our database archiving solution is a three-tier web-based software solution and uses Nelito's own proprietary Extract, Transfer, and Load (ETL) tools. It automates the entire process through a rich and simple Graphical User Interface (GUI). Being a web-based system, it can be hosted at Bank Data Centre (DC) and seamlessly accessed by all the branch users.

FinDARTTM is top-of-the-line digital archiving solution with easy to use menus, processes and configurations which can be easily managed. It has in-depth role-based access privileges and permissions to ensure full control on operations & security.

The solution is proven to deliver quick ROI to banks, improves customer service and reduce dependence on legacy IT systems

Our data archiving solution can handle archival from retired / migrated applications and supports data purging. It provides standard reports, MIS, user logs and query facility on archived data. Control data growth in production databases and retire legacy applications, while managing retention, ensuring compliance, and retaining access to business data.

Exponential growth of your enterprise data while lowering deployment and management costs. With a low-cost, massively scalable, tiered backup storage solution in premises. It helps meet regulatory requirements by managing and storing huge volumes of data seamlessly.

Key Features

  • Process Automation
  • Guaranteed Zero Data Loss
  • Robust Data Archival Support
  • Unchanged Data Archiving
  • Secure Archive
  • Optimized Storage
  • Powerful Search Engine
  • Keyword based search
  • Improved ROI
  • Protects from Accidental Deletion
Data Archival Retrieval benefits


  • Increasing Life of Data
  • Greater Regulatory Compliance and Support
  • Maintained Compliance
  • Quicker TAT for Reports
  • Lower Cost of IT spending
  • Seamless Access to Archived Data

Our Value Proposition

  • 01

    Retention of Banking Data - Statutory and Legal Compliance

  • 02

    Lower ICT cost with efficient technology management

  • 03

    Better disk space management and reports management

  • 04

    Enforce banks data retention and disposition policies

  • 05

    Consolidation of legacy system

  • 06

    Supports exponential data growth

Key Functional Modules

Read only access to database
through query builder interface.
It enables database analysis
and generation of new reports
Create/ Modify users. Create/ Modify
and assign user roles.
Data extraction from legacy
Extract Data Validation for
completeness, accuracy and
data quality
Transformation of extracted
data into uniform format without
updating any content or value
Upload transformed data to
Archival database
Built in reports to access
archived data. Reporting in all
popular formats.


  • The vendor is providing Services up to our Satisfaction and having sound technical base. New activities like Data Mart, BI Tools requirement to be met if require. Support of Functional staff is positive. We endorse the services provided by Vendor and wish best for future endeavour.

    S. S. Chahande (DGM) UCO Bank

  • Appreciating the dedication and sincerity of the project team at site in completing the DAR solution successfully at Corporation Bank including data migration audit and other initial teething issues. Keep the good work done Team.

    Sam Asir (Project Director) Wipro - DAR

  • We on the outset congratulate you on the successful Implementation of FinDart Data Archival solutions at Corporation Bank successfully including data migration and successful UAT.
    Your hard work and dedication shown during the entire implementation process including development, UAT and go-live support and addressing data migration observations are commendable and highly appreciated. Despite multiple hurdles during implementation, you showed your persistency in resolving the issue. You are aware the FinDart Solution was appreciated by the Bank and Branch officials.
    Thank You once again for your commitment in the delivery.
    We wish you all the very best for all your future endeavours and a very bright future ahead.

    DRN.Sam Asir (Program Director) Wipro Limited

  • The Meticulousness of efforts to ensure customer delight by each of the team member during the course of the project is appreciable. - Data Archival Project

    R. Ganesh (Senior Manager) Indian Overseas Bank

  • We are extremely thankful to the whole team who have devotedly committed and created this excellent database. Much of our time was wasted in data retrieval from i link where we were facing lots of issues.
    You have given us an awesome product which is superior to our Finacle itself in its display capabilities. The great idea of taking pdf/word/excel option is simply superb. Merging the party code and Finacle CIF and account numbers are another feather in the cap.
    Expecting more such initiatives in the days to come with customisation of finacle, simplification of net banking app and of course we have downloaded the epassbook and corpmobile latest versions.

    N Sampath Kumar (Branch Manager)Corporation Bank

  • We are happy to use FinCraft Data Archival & Retrieval solution from Nelito Systems; it has given huge ROI in terms of saving revenue by retiring legacy applications. We get all desired reports in a timely manner from the solution.

    Assistant General Manager (CBS)United Bank of India

Happy Clients

  • Panjab Bank
  • JK Bank
  • Hdfc Bank
  • Oriental Bank Of Commerce
  • Kerala Bank
  • Cyndicate Bank
  • Nabard Bank
  • Indian Overseas Bank
  • Nanital Bank
  • United Bbank OfIndia Bank
  • PSB Bbank
  • Bank Of India
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