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  • Easy Retrieval of Information and Reduced Timelines for Clearing

    FincraftTM Cheque Truncation System

Overview - FincraftTM Cheque Truncation System

Payments and settlement process are critical in ensuring the efficiency of the financial infrastructure. Image-based Check Clearing System or Cheque Truncation System (CTS) is a project for faster clearing process in banks for cheque undertaken by Central banks of many countries. Nelito is one of the renowned cheque truncation services providers, with a great client portfolio inclusive of major public sector, private sector and co-operative banks and is fully compliant with Central Bank's (like RBI in India) cheque truncation guidelines.

With the implementation of grid-based Cheque Truncation System, cheque clearing process in general has gained speed and operational efficiency in addition to other benefits such as business process re-engineering, cost effectiveness, better service and adoption of cutting-edge technology. With more than 2 decades of experience in building and managing image-based cheque truncation software for financial institutions across the world, Nelito has emerged as a partner of choice for many banks in India and globally.

FinCraftTM Check truncation system prevents fraud and helps in reconciliation with higher operational efficiency.

FinCraftTM Cheque Truncation Solution is a web-based solution having capabilities of imaging cheques to reduce time taken for clearing of cheques. It converts physical cheque into high dimension images so as to make it easy for the clearing house to eliminate the cumbersome process of physical presentation of cheques.

This process saves time as well as cost involved in traditional clearing process. Our solution is integrated with National Payment Systems Organizations (e.g National Payment of Corporation (NPCI) in India) as prescribed by the Clearing House Interface.

Key Features

  • Short and speedy clearing cycle
  • Integration with multiple geographical locations
  • Centralized and Distributed Deployment
  • High dimension images for better clarity
  • Pre-defined processes for outward and inward clearing
  • Integrated Image Quality Analysis as per Central Bank's guidelines
  • Enterprise Level Scalable Product, supports clustering and Disaster Recovery setups
  • Real time process monitoring through a dashboard for removing bottlenecks


  • Fraud prevention
  • Restricted physical movements of cheque
  • Streamline cheque processing flow
  • Reduce cheque processing time and cost
  • Reduce the need for paper-based storage and retrieval
  • Minimise the potential of human error during manual handling

Customer Value

  • 01

    Multi Tenancy to support Sub - Members

  • 02

    Support for Ultraviolet (UV) image viewing

  • 03

    Supports scanning and processing with and without Deposit Slips

  • 04

    OCR checking for
    MICR reads.

  • 05

    Compatible with wide range of cheque scanners, including flatbed scanners for CMS cheques processing

  • 06

    API and File based Integration with CBS; for data to CBS and data from CBS

  • 07

    Audit log for financial and non- financial transactions

  • 08

    Role based access
    for security

  • 09

    Transaction based authentication

Business Models


  • "Bank has implemented CBS of Nelito Ltd in the year 2008-09 in phase manner. Also integrated RTGS/NEFT, CTS, MMS etc. which help us in smooth automation of banking operation."

    K.T. Wadia ( CEO )The Sutex Co-op Bank Ltd

  • Our bank is using Fincraft, CBS of Nelito system since 2011. The application is functionally rich & user friendly and easy to navigate. The convenience of integrating other supporting applications of Nelito CTS, NEFT, RTGS, HO Module (share), Loan Origination, Internet Banking etc. helped us in smooth automation of various banking operations. We are very much thankful for providing such a good technology of coop banking sector and hope better performance in coming days. Wish You All the Best.

    Gunvantbhai Shah (Vice Chairman)Mahudha Nagrik Sahakari Bank

  • Good & Co-operative

    Ronniee Gupta (DGM)UCO Bank

  • Pro-active & professionally support, technically skilled team

    Reji C Valayil (CM)Federal Bank

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