What is data archival?

Data archival involves the migration of legacy data from various applications into a common schema which acts as a repository or archive for the data for as long a period as required. FinDART is the Nelito's data archival product. FinDart is a centralized web based solution.

Can FinDART offer complete data archival?

FinDART can be used for complete data archival or selected data archival. Although complete data archival services is associated with no data loss, it is resource hungry and thus selected data archival services is generally preferred despite partial data loss.

Can the bank's existing legacy applications be migrated to FinDART without any hassles?

About 28 legacy applications have been migrated successfully to FinDART and the bank's legacy application can also be migrated.

What are the different databases which FinDART has migrated?

FinDART has accessed and retired a variety of databases including Oracle, IBM DB2, MS SQL, Sybase, COBOL / Bitreve, ASCII – text, MS Access and MS Excel.

What are the features present in FinDART that are advantageous to banks?

FinDART can retire a wide variety of legacy systems and databases, it offers unchanged data archiving if so required, automates the process of archival of data, presents keyword based information retrieval and helps the banks In complying with regulatory requirements among a host of other benefits.

Can FinDART be used only for transactional data?

FinDART is not just used for transactional data and it is also used to store master and reference data. Moreover metadata is also stored.

Does FinDART support restricted access to data?

FinDART has password based access mechanism to safeguard access to application and database instances. Based on user rights, FinDART also allows user to view, print and download the report or query the database instances. Active directory and third party integration is also enabled.

What reports does FinDART offer?

FinDART offers various reports with regards to CA/SA details, Term deposit, Loans and advances, General Ledger, Clearing, Trade Finance and other miscellaneous reports.

Does FinDART also validate and ensure data consistency?

The extracted data is validated for completeness, accuracy and quality.

Can FinDART be implemented with the bank's existing core banking system or does the bank have to migrate tso a new core banking system?

FinDART can be implemented in 2 methods: It can either be implemented with the banks existing core banking application or if the bank so desires it can be implemented along with a new core banking system.

Can FinDART generate customer reports as needed by the bank?

Existing reports in FinDart can be customized to meet the needs of the bank and additional reports can also be developed as per the requirements of the customer. Even the existing query engine can be customized as per the requirements of the customer.

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