What does a Mandate management system do?

A mandate management system helps in the digitization of the mandates and the automated generation of the formats as required by the NPCI. It also helps in end to end monitoring of the mandate and reconciliation of the mandate.

What does NPCI offer?

NPCI offers a product called NACH( National Automated Clearing House) to provide the automatic processing and exchange of mandate information electronically with well-defined timelines.

Why should Nelito's mandate management system be used when there is already a method for processing of mandates automatically?

NPCI only offers the platform for the processing of mandates but the technology requirements and infrastructure needed are not part of NPCI's solution. Nelito's mandate management system offers a bridge between the bank and the NPCI and makes sure that the technology requirements to avail NACH are met. Moreover, it serves as a mandate repository for accepted mandates and also helps in reconciliation of the mandate and in CRM.

What are the technology requirements to avail NACH?

  • For the sponsor bank:
    • Utility/application for viewing the scanned mandates that are sent to the destination bank
    • System/hardware to scan the mandates
    • Data entry mechanism for integrating the mandate into the core system/intermediary application of the bank
    • Utility for generation of XML file for inputting mandates
    • Utility for generation of NACH-DR transaction file.
    • Utility to store mandates accepted by the destination bank
  • For destination bank:
    • Ability to store/record details of mandates raised by the sponsor bank
    • Ability to accept/reject mandate raised after verification of the mandate raised by the sponsor bank
    • Develop a utility to run Inward transaction file for NACH-DR in the system
    • Develop a utility to upload return file for NACH-DR transactions

Will the mandate management system be able to provide integration to the core banking services of the bank?

Yes, the mandate management system will provide seamless integration to the core banking software and the CRM software

What other features does the solution have?

The mandate management system can also be used to provide analytics as and when required by the bank. It can be used for the segregation of mandates by area and by due date. Interactive voice response for call management and preparation of mass mailers is also part of the solution.

How can the mandate be monitored?

A web interface will be provided which allows the user to login and check information regarding mandate transactions, status of the mandate or the audit trail of the mandate.

Can the mandate be initiated online?

Yes, e-mandates can be initiated online by means of the web interface. The web interface can also be used to place a request for the modification or cancellation of the mandate.

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