DTS Corporation Japan takes majority stake in Nelito Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Mumbai, June 17, 2019 DTS Corporation Japan has acquired majority equity stake in Nelito Systems. Earlier in March 2017, DTS Corporation had taken significant minority stake in Nelito. With this DTS aims to realize further business synergy with Nelito in the banking and financial sector.

Nelito and DTS together plan to increase sales of FinCraftTM products mainly in Southeast Asia utilizing the DTS group's customer base, sales of DTS solutions in India, and outsourcing of software development from North America and Japan. This will strengthen DTS group's and Nelito's global capabilities in the financial business.

In particular, among FinCraftTM products, "Integrated Lending Management Solution" is a software product that can be expected to grow significantly in the future, including in the microfinance field for financial inclusion. We aim to expand business to developing countries in Southeast Asia and Africa, in addition to India.

About DTS Corporation

The DTS Group provides customers in Japan with added value through software solution-oriented business development and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), as well as consulting, designing, developing, building infrastructure and constructing information systems.

The DTS Group has 13 companies in total: 8 Japanese companies and 5 companies outside Japan. Overseas bases are located in six cities: DTS America (New York, Los Angeles), DTS Shanghai (Shanghai), DLSE (Dalian), DTS Vietnam (Hanoi), and Nelito Systems Pvt. Ltd. (Mumbai). DTS supports customers in a wide range of business areas.

Overview of DTS Corporation

Company Name

DTS Corporation


8th floor, Empire Building, 2-23-1 Hatchobori, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0032


Mr. Koichi Nishida - President


DTS is a system integration and comprehensive information services company geared to providing high value-added services.


USD 54.6 Mil


25th August 1972

Total Asset

USD 548 Mil**

Total Sales

USD 743 Mil**

** As of March 2018

About Nelito Systems Limited

Founded in 1995, Nelito Systems Pvt. Ltd. is a leading financial technology provider and serves Banking, Financial Services and Non-Banking Financial Companies with its FinCraftTM suite of products. The company also provides IT services comprising of Application development and maintenance, Testing, Consulting and IT outsourcing. Nelito has earned a unique reputation for its solutions and delivery, with 400+ customers in more than 20 countries.

Contact Information (for media)
Marketing Department
Mr. Ashish K Varun
Tel: +91 2267135505

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