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Nelito provides the full spectrum of Enterprise reporting solution for Banking and Financial services (BFS) segment. FinCraftTM Enterprise Reporting provides the insights that decision makers need in order to make timely, better-informed decisions while taking care of regulations.

FinCraftTM Enterprise Reporting solution helps banks and financial organization in creating reports as per the prescriptions of the governing regulatory body.

FinCraft Enterprise Reporting provides end-to-end or stand-alone solution for:


FinCraftTM ADF is a time-tested and proven solution. It is implemented and under live operational use successfully in multiple banks in India. It is an Automated Regulatory Reporting System for Banks designed in view of Reserve Bank of India (RBI) mandate for implementation of ADF (Automated Data Flow) reports.

By adopting such an automated process for submission of returns, the bank is able to submit accurate and timely data to the regulator without any manual intervention. The automation of data flow also benefits the banks in terms of improved timelines, enhanced data quality, improved efficiency of processes, reduced costs and the use of the CDR (Common Data Repository) for internal MIS purposes.

FinCraftTM MIS ADF is designed based on the End-End Conceptualization of RBI, which comprises of the following Process elements:


Greater Business Value

  • Increased productivity.
  • Accurate reporting.
  • Quicker decision making.
  • Increased business user enablement, reduced burden on IT.

Lower TCO (Total Cost of ownership)

  • Investment in just one product license's across sites.
  • Shorter implementation cycle.
  • Reduces risk and manual errors.

Enterprise Delivery framework

  • Extensibility and Scalability
  • Extended business content.
  • Incorporate additional source systems
  • Platform agnostic

Data Acquisition (ETL Process)

ETL extracts data, transforms values of inconsistent data, filters data and loads cleansed data (received from source system) into a target database. It is also capable of scheduling of ETL jobs and interlinking other ETL jobs.

Data Integration & Storage

In this module data is cleansed through our data cleansing process and then is stored in CDR (Central Data Repositories) which will form the single source of Information for all regulatory returns.

Data Conversion / Generation

This Module converts the data stored in the CDR to the prescribed formats using pre-defined business rules. The data conversion will be in the form of individual Database tables created. The Data Conversion Module will also perform validations on the data to ensure accuracy of the returns.

Data Submission

The Data Submission Module in the FinCraft ADF Framework is a single transmission channel that will ensure secure file upload in an STP (Straight through processing) mode with the reporting platforms. This layer uses automated system driven triggers or schedulers, which will automatically generates and submits the returns as stipulated by regulatory body.

Fig: FinCraft ADF Solution Architecture

Customer Value

  • 1Generating statutory / Regulatory / Standard / Executive Dashboards/ MIS reports/ Ad-hoc reports.
  • 2Maximum possible automation of processes for MIS generation.
  • 3Analysis facility with minimum of data related issues.
  • 4Ease of incorporating data for various analytical studies and periodic reports.
  • 5Quicker access to bank analyst and inspection officials.
  • 6Provision of automated signaling of "RED Flags" in submitted data for further analysis.
  • 7Access to the Centralized Data Repository for various departments.
  • 8Drill-down / roll up facility.
  • 9Single transmission channel that will ensure file upload in a STP mode with the reporting platforms like Online Return Filing System (ORFS).
  • 10Automatically generate system driven triggers or schedulers, generation and submission of returns to stakeholders.
  • 11When the returns generation process is triggered, the system will check for the specific forms in the Centralized Data Repository and prepare the return only after all the required data is available for the specific form.
  • 12Acknowledge error messages received from regulatory authorities for correction and further processing.
  • Extensive and comprehensive regulatory reporting data mart
  • In-built workflows
  • Pre-built returns :
    • Ready to deploy returns
    • Web based access and automated generation of data
    • Dashboard to slice and dice the data.
  • Automated Returns submissions
  • Data derivation and Metadata Management.
  • Framework Driven for CBS (Core Banking Solution), Business Applications, Business Processes and Business Information.
  • Modular & Scalable so as to make integration easier, available, secure, manageable on a lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).
  • Information Centric for complete and consistent, actionable, real-time intelligence.
  • Easily Manageable thereby reducing downtime.

XBRL Reporting

Conversion of regulatory reports into XBRL Format is performed through our XBRL engine which acts as a bridge between Bank's internal data systems and the regulatory returns system.

This internal data could be either in text files, excel reports or directly from the database. This Application helps Banks to generate XBRL instance in a ready to submit state. Some of the key benefits are:

  • can generate XBRL instance directly from tool.
  • ensures ultimate reliability and accuracy of the data.
  • helps banks in meeting the strict deadlines for filing data.
  • can be enhanced to incorporate any future changes in the XBRL taxonomies.

Marquee Clients

  • Bank of Maharashtra
  • Paytm
  • Equitas Vechile Finance
  • Utkarsh Microfinance Ltd
  • MCS Mutual Aid Association
  • UCO Bank
  • Punjab and Sindh Bank
  • Dena Bank
  • Nainital Bank
  • Canara Bank
  • United Bank of India

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  • The Meticulousness of efforts to ensure customer delight by each of the team member during the course of the project is appreciable. - Data Archival Project

    R. Ganesh (Senior Manager)

    Indian Overseas Bank
  • Overall we are happy with the services provided by Nelito. The implementation team is sensitive to our support requirements and does a good job.

    Vinayak Khadye (Chief Digital Officer)

    Finanzmart Services Pvt Ltd
  • We are extremely thankful to the whole team who have devotedly committed and created this excellent database. Much of our time was wasted in data retrieval from i link where we were facing lots of issues.

    You have given us an awesome product which is superior to our Finacle itself in its display capabilities. The great idea of taking pdf/word/excel option is simply superb. Merging the party code and Finacle CIF and account numbers are another feather in the cap.

    N Sampath Kumar (Branch Manager)

    Corporation Bank
  • We have successfully made Nelito's Fincraft Software for NBFC live in early March for LOS,LMS and Sanjiv Khalkho, Arijit Chakraborty with his team have been very instrumental in making this software live . I would like to appreciate on the turnaround time during the go live phase of the team in getting some of our key requirements done and helping our users to use the software for recording and disbursing all the sales from the software.

    In technology side I would like to praise Pramod Navale and Ganesh Khetmalis for in depth knowledge of the product and their technical skills is outstanding. Looking forward for the continued relationship for our next release and whole of 2018.

    Prateek P Katyal (CTO)

    WheelsEMI Pvt. Ltd
  • "We are extremely pleased with the kind of support extended by you and your team for our year end work. Although whole bunch of people worked for making the support seamless from your end, my special thanks to following resources. Anurag, Arpit, Arvind, Pranit, Suraj, Udgran, Nilesh, Leena and Udgrand. Also, thanks to all others who have supported us directly or indirectly at your end."

    Ananda Padebettu (IT Manager)

    The Nav Jeevan Co-op Bank Ltd.
  • "For a Bank of our size, this system suffices and is very cost effective. Almost all of the bank’s activities run on the one system. Nelito constitutes a partner more than a supplier and the relationship includes provision of the bank’s underlying technology as well as its Fincraft range of applications."


    The Nainital Bank Ltd.
  • "The best mix of functionality and technological support and our vision of “Cash Less and Paper Less” work environment for Sonata has come true with our technological partner Nelito. I highly recommend FinCraft Core Microfinance platform and especially integrations with a number of third party services."

    IT Head

    Sonata Finance Pvt. Ltd.
  • CBS

    "We are happy to use FinCraft Data Archival & Retrieval solution from Nelito Systems; it has given huge ROI in terms of saving revenue by retiring legacy applications. We get all desired reports in a timely manner from the solution."

    Assistant General Manager (CBS)

    United Bank of India
  • Custom Application Development testimonial

    "Proactive & professionally supportive, technically skilled team."

    General Manager

    Federal Bank
  • DGM

    "My bank is working with Nelito from the last about 9 Years and the services provided by the company may prolong our association."

    Sikander Gupta | CEO

    The Jammu Central Co-op Bank Ltd.
  • DGM

    "Knowledge and service provided to the bank is beyond expectation. And we would definitely engage and recommend solution to others."

    Rachelle F. Rivas | IT Project Manager (Senior Manager)

    Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)
  • DGM

    "As Vendor strict adherence to process & procedures. Risk Mitigates in Place. Flexible to customer requirements."

    Dinesh Negi | VP (Clg)

    DCB Bank Ltd
  • DGM

    "Everything was successfully implemented and tested. The implementation was professionally done in a very efficient and cooperative manner. Migration was very smooth."

    Frithjof Ramb | Vice President

    SBI- Frankfurt, Germany
  • DGM

    Support services provided for Swift is really up to the mark and meets all clients requirement. Kindly keep this ongoing.

    Rudolph Banis | Head - IT CBS and Application Management

    IndusInd Bank
  • DGM


    Navin A Bijur | Manager - IBD

    The Shamrao Vittal Coop Bank Ltd