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  • SWIFTTM Services

As a seasoned player in the SWIFTTM domain, Nelito hand-holds banks and corporates towards guiding eligibility-based onboarding process either for cross-border usage of SWIFTTM or towards domestic RTGS, NACH, Trade Finance, Corporate Connectivity or Treasury messaging& adoption of other SWIFTTM solutions, services and products.

Nelito works hand-in-hand with SWIFTTM to offer on-site assistance for all release upgrades, implementation & migration programs

Some of the popular solutions where large number of customers seen are

  • SWIFTTM Sanctions Screening

WIFT Ref for Financial Institutions and Corporates: SWIFTTM Ref is single source for worldwide reference data and financial information – from SWIFTTM, the ISO Registration Authority for BIC and IBAN formats, and the First Issuer of LEIs. The SWIFTTM Ref utility is a highly-secure database platform, sourcing and maintaining its data based on a unique collaborative approach, and strict data collection and maintenance procedures. All reference data are sourced directly and only from authorized data originators. Data originators go well beyond 10,500 SWIFTTM members active worldwide.

SWIFTTM Ref variants consist of Bank Data, BIC Directory, BIC Archive, BIC-to-LEI, SEPA Data, IBAN Plus, Standing Settlement Instructions, Country, Currency, Holiday, MT094 Online (Broadcast), Bankers World Online, SWIFTTM Ref Online.

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