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  • Business Process Management for Banking and Finance


Overview - Business Process Management Services

Our end-to-end Business process management services help you identify and automate your business processes with a focus on operating efficiencies. Our BPM strategy helps streamline existing business processes and manage business effectively through automation and optimization.

We have an expertise in delivering a state-of-art business process management service solution for the banking and financial services in both international and Pan-India markets. It analyses the current state and identifies areas of improvement to create a more efficient and effective organization.

Delivering true Business Process Agility and Improving Customer Service, Acquisition & Retention.

Nelito's BPM (Business Process Management) Services help banks in client servicing for customer acquisition and retention. It also enables banks to automate business processes like account opening, lending or payments to optimize costs.

The various services provided are

  • Customer Care Outsourcing
  • Form Processing
  • Technical Helpdesk
  • B2B / B2C Collections
  • IT Consultancy - Staff Augmentation

Customer Care Outsourcing

Our helpdesk / technical support offers a round-the-clock service portfolio consisting of application operation support as well as level 0, level 1, and level 2 support services.

We offer a wide variety of technical helpdesk
services available for businesses.

  • Call Centre Service
  • Technical Support Services
  • Internet Helpdesk
  • General Product Information and Support
  • Customer Care

Business Benefits

Nelito’s Business Process Management Services has been helpful for banks and financial institutions to achieve operational excellence, reduced costs and provide customers with better products and services.

Some of the key benefits that our BPM Services offers are:

  • Restructure existing business processes
  • Effectively manage outsourcing relationship
  • Implement scalable architecture to deliver productivity gain
  • Ability to customize processes on a client basis without the need of extensive SOP’s and manual intervention
  • Measure and manage performance of employees and external parties
  • Migrate from an individual user security model to a role-based security model

Why Business Process Management?

Want to improve your processes and align them with your business strategy? Together we can get you there.
Our Business Process Management service supports every business with its wide spread benefits

  • Proficiency

    By automating manual processes or sub-processes that are time-consuming and susceptible to change, and by providing a fast, powerful source of decision-making support for process personnel, BPM increases the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations.

  • Transparency

    A key benefit of using BPM is that it makes end-to-end performance visible to process owners, and provides a built-in platform for problem escalation and remediation.

  • Agile

    The right business process management Services will empower you to quickly update your processes in response to developments in your operational environment.


  • We had been working with Nelito for the last eight years for Manpower Resourcing the Skilled Resources. Nelito Management's involvement has helped to great extend to complete our deliveries and keep our customers satisfied with quality and timelines. Keep it up good work.

    Raj Birajdar (Sr. Consultant)Tata Consultancy Services

  • We had a great support from your team and Sudarshan was able to quickly mobilize support of 10 people to carry out the critical activities asked by the client.

    Anand Ramanujam (Assistant General Manager)TCS Chennai KYC process

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