Top 10 Most Promising Banking Technology Solution Providers for 2024

Updated On : Jan 2024

The BFSI software market is undergoing a swift expansion fueled by digital transformation, surging demand for innovative financial solutions, escalating cybersecurity concerns, and an amplified emphasis on customer experience. Nelito Systems, a subsidiary of DTS Corporation Japan, emerges as a leading force in India's financial technology landscape, specializing in software solutions for Banking, Financial Services, and Government sectors globally.

In an exclusive interview of Mr. Ajay Chadha with CIOTech Outlook magazine, Nelito with a substantial 28-year presence in the financial sector, delineates about its unparalleled domain expertise and market knowledge. Unlike competitors, the firm is distinguished by its dual focus on product and service sectors, offering a comprehensive suite ranging from core banking to digital banking and regulatory solutions. Its distinctiveness is further underscored by innovation, robust cybersecurity measures, and a steadfast customer-centric approach, positioning Nelito Systems at the forefront of the industry.

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