Nelito as the Premier Sponsor at Microfinance Success Asia 2019, Yangon, Myanmar

The Microfinance Success Asia 2019 summit was held on 23-24 July 2019 at The Parkroyal in Yangon, Myanmar. This was the only event in the region focusing on pressing issues in emerging Asia. HBZ Events & Myanmar Microfinance Association (MMFA) organized this event, which engaged more than 200 Leaders and senior officials from the inclusive finance arena across the world.

The event was titled, "Managing Sustainability & Impact in a Rapidly Evolving Microfinance Sector in Emerging Asia ". The objective and purpose of the summit was to actively engage key stakeholders in discussions relevant to current and future aspects of financial inclusion in emerging Asia. It was a market-leading exhibition featuring relevant, innovative and leading service providers & vendors for Microfinance Companies. This one-of-a-kind event brought together industry experts as well as innovative business leaders in financial services, technology, research and development who addressed and provided updated information about the new opportunities and solutions to the challenges faced by the Industry.

Mr. Ashish Varun, Head - International Sales & Marketing, Nelito Systems was a part of a panel discussion titled, "Demystifying & Simplifying Digitalization processes in Microfinance". This panel discussion emphasized on

  • Developing operational & digital competency for employees: creating sustainable & fit for purpose capacity building efforts
  • Leveraging on mobile & agent banking technologies to streamline microfinance operations & improve accessibility to finance
  • Balancing customer convenience & security for end-users: building the digital client experience

Ashish explained that innovation, flexibility is making MFIs more acceptable and accessible, and it has helped in promoting and encouraging entrepreneurship. He also shared his valuable thoughts on how technology has a very important role to play in enabling agility to MFIs.

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