Nelito as the Co-Sponsor at Sa- Dhan National Conference 2019 New Delhi

The Sa-Dhan National Conference 2019 was held on 16th & 17th September 2019 at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. A conference organized by Sa-Dhan, the oldest industry body for Indian microfinance and a Self- Regulatory Organization (SRO).

The conference was themed, "Two Decades at Paving Way for Financial Inclusion" as Sa-Dhan has completed 20 years of work towards the advancement of microfinance other associated institutions to enable inclusion of the unserved in the larger financial system in India. The objective and purpose of the conference were to look back at the various developments that have taken place in the microfinance space, explore upon the challenges and learnings, and ponder upon the future trajectory of micro-finance.

Chief Executive Officer, Nelito Systems Pvt. Ltd. was the speaker of the panel discussion on, "Integrating Digital Finance, Strengthening Cyber Security". This panel discussion emphasized the ongoing changes in the financial service space introduced as a result of the technological innovations, how the microfinance sector has begun integrating technology to optimize operations, bring efficiency, and cut costs, etc. Opportunities and challenges like data security issues, need for regulators to play a proactive role at securing the institutions, need for creating awareness about cybersecurity among the customers, strategies that can be adopted by institutions.

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