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Next Generation Core Banking Solution: 7 New Features

Updated On : June 2017

Traditionally, core banking solutions were designed to serve the requirements of an efficient OLTP (on line transaction processing) system. Core banking applications in India are currently more than 10 years old. The period saw a great amount of data churning. The inherited dirty data got cleansed or made irrelevant vis-à-vis the data retention requirements of IT act.

The eco system was evolving, in the meanwhile. The telecommunication networks got denser and smart phones became ubiquitous. Payment systems in India, developed a new face under the aegis of National Payment Corporation of India. Aadhaar by UIDAI gave a momentum for remote branchless banking. More fintech startups and established players entered the telecom and mobile space. Mobile banking, door step banking and branchless banking did not just remain mere buzz words, but became a reality. The core banking solutions in vogue, required either to be replaced or tweaked to demands of the changing delivery options to customers. Moreover, lots of satellite standalone systems were paddled as quick fixes for these new age requirements, posing a challenge when it comes to integration with core banking solutions. The time is now ripe for redefining the traditional core banking solution.

The typical shelf life of a core banking software is set to reduce in the future, but so are the implementation woes with Software as a Service (SaaS) availability. National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) has successfully led one of the biggest IT transformations in the Indian banking industry by enabling banking operations of 201 state and district co-operative banks move to a single cloud-based core banking solution. This has enabled rural customers to access basic banking facilities such any branch banking, SMS notifications, NEFT, RTGS and access to ATMs.

However just the availability of core banking software on the cloud would be the equivalent of having old wine in a new bottle. What we need today is a new age software that is truly CBS

Next Generation Core Banking Solution : Must Have Features

Transaction Posting
Maker / checker is the fundamental requirement that must be satisfied in a financial transaction. All the core banking solutions have this feature. The feature is random and is not supported by a workflow. Typical core banking solution provides a maker / checker workflow that is:

  • Flexible
  • Configurable
  • Supports reverse flow for modification
  • Supports forward flow for double authorization
  • Supports masters authorization (I.e. Non-financial)
  • Remote authorization on need to do access privileges.

Multi-currency features
A true CBS system should be multilingual to support the vision of inclusive banking. The following features are desirable

  • Base currency option
  • Multi-currency set up
  • Base currency accounting and multi-currency accounting
  • Base currency and multi-currency balance sheets.

Single sign on features
The core banking software of the future should support single sign on to applications that are not supported by core banking software

  • Treasury/Trade finance package (Treasury could be optional)
  • CRM package - An integrated CRM is a real value add
  • Government business packages
  • Fixed asset management packages
  • Cheque truncation applications
  • Other relevant packages that impact customer interactions

Branchless banking
A good branchless banking solution should address major financial services; savings, loans, transactions, and insurance. It should support

  • Biometric, PIN based & contactless payment interfaces
  • Agent interfaces like PoS & Mobile
  • Comprehensive BC/Agent management services

Customer centric features

  • Integrates with mobile banking application
  • Integration with social media like Facebook, Twitter
  • Customer specific dashboard across channels
  • "Do it yourself" interfaces
  • Remote banking facility for HNI customers
  • Internet banking with Widgets/shortcuts for online shopping, flight booking etc.

Share accounting and payroll services (Credit unions and co-operative banks)
The solution should support the following features -

  • Share accounting
  • Payroll accounting
  • Inventory management
  • Cash/Kind transactions

Technology features

Apart from the above features, Next Generation Core Banking Solution has to be developed as a "mobile first" application with cutting edge security which could be based on blockchain technologies.

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  • The Meticulousness of efforts to ensure customer delight by each of the team member during the course of the project is appreciable. - Data Archival Project

    R. Ganesh (Senior Manager)

    Indian Overseas Bank
  • Overall we are happy with the services provided by Nelito. The implementation team is sensitive to our support requirements and does a good job.

    Vinayak Khadye (Chief Digital Officer)

    Finanzmart Services Pvt Ltd
  • We are extremely thankful to the whole team who have devotedly committed and created this excellent database. Much of our time was wasted in data retrieval from i link where we were facing lots of issues.

    You have given us an awesome product which is superior to our Finacle itself in its display capabilities. The great idea of taking pdf/word/excel option is simply superb. Merging the party code and Finacle CIF and account numbers are another feather in the cap.

    N Sampath Kumar (Branch Manager)

    Corporation Bank
  • We have successfully made Nelito's Fincraft Software for NBFC live in early March for LOS,LMS and Sanjiv Khalkho, Arijit Chakraborty with his team have been very instrumental in making this software live . I would like to appreciate on the turnaround time during the go live phase of the team in getting some of our key requirements done and helping our users to use the software for recording and disbursing all the sales from the software.

    In technology side I would like to praise Pramod Navale and Ganesh Khetmalis for in depth knowledge of the product and their technical skills is outstanding. Looking forward for the continued relationship for our next release and whole of 2018.

    Prateek P Katyal (CTO)

    WheelsEMI Pvt. Ltd
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    Ananda Padebettu (IT Manager)

    The Nav Jeevan Co-op Bank Ltd.
  • "Nelito has Good knowledge of industry. Good customer orientation. They were Flexible and Open to new ideas and suggestions."

    Mr. Ratheesh K. Bharathan | Exec. Vice President & Co- Founder

    WheelsEMI PVT. LTD.
  • "For a Bank of our size, this system suffices and is very cost effective. Almost all of the bank’s activities run on the one system. Nelito constitutes a partner more than a supplier and the relationship includes provision of the bank’s underlying technology as well as its Fincraft range of applications."


    The Nainital Bank Ltd.
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    Sonata Finance Pvt. Ltd.
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    Deputy General Manager (IT Department)

    National Housing Bank
  • CBS

    "We are happy to use FinCraft Data Archival & Retrieval solution from Nelito Systems; it has given huge ROI in terms of saving revenue by retiring legacy applications. We get all desired reports in a timely manner from the solution."

    Assistant General Manager (CBS)

    United Bank of India
  • CBS

    "Nelito is known for its exemplary services to the users at all times. Your team provides excellent service and they are pro-active in providing solutions."

    Chief Manager (SWIFT)

    Indian Overseas Bank
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    "On the whole a professional and capable and competent team. Providing solutions adapted to clientele updated on technology front."

    Principal secretary Department of Labour

    Govt. of Sikkim
  • Custom Application Development testimonial

    "Proactive & professionally supportive, technically skilled team."

    General Manager

    Federal Bank
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    "Fincraft CBS software & Doorstep Banking Solution helps our society’s functionality towards digitalization & paperless working. It reduces our manpower requirement and workload, also gives us fast reporting for our institution as and when required."


    Mahavir credit coop society
  • CBS

    Exemplary relationship set by Nelito’s PCS team which helps project to grow vertically. We have always been very impressed with the quality of service we have received from Nelito. They are reliable efficient professional and above all truthful. This alone sets them out from much of their competition.

    Project Director

  • CBS

    "E-district Manipur project was undertaken and successfully implemented by Nelito in a record time. The online services offered under this project has made a marked difference in the quality of life of the citizens and is taking the state towards a digital Manipur."

    Additional Director (IT)

    Govt. of Manipur
  • DGM

    "On 20th of November 2016 our bank data was migrated to FinCraft and we have completed one year successfully in FinCraft. So we thank all the team members of both IFTAS and Nelito for your great co-operation in this success. We expect more & more co-operation in implementing new technologies in banking sector from your side in future."

    M V Kumar | CEO

    Kempegowda Bank
  • DGM

    "My bank is working with Nelito from the last about 9 Years and the services provided by the company may prolong our association."

    Sikander Gupta | CEO

    The Jammu Central Co-op Bank Ltd.
  • DGM

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    D K Kandpal | Vice President (IT)

    Nainital Bank
  • DGM

    "We appreciate your local team who continuously supported & assisted our team to meet the goal."

    Nagendra Nath Sinha | Principal Secretary IT

    Government of Jharkhand, Ranchi
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    Rachelle F. Rivas | IT Project Manager (Senior Manager)

    Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)
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    "As Vendor strict adherence to process & procedures. Risk Mitigates in Place. Flexible to customer requirements."

    Dinesh Negi | VP (Clg)

    DCB Bank Ltd
  • DGM

    "Bank has implemented CBS of Nelito Ltd in the year 2008-09 in phase manner. Also integrated RTGS/NEFT, CTS, MMS etc. which help us in smooth automation of banking operation."

    K.T. Wadia | CEO

    The Sutex Co-op Bank Ltd
  • DGM

    "Experience during development of Rating Engine Module has been good in the context of commitment to meet timelines & lot of hard work has been put by Nelito's team."

    Ashutosh Satsangi | VP-Operations

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    Frithjof Ramb | Vice President

    SBI- Frankfurt, Germany
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    Sanjay Kamlakar | Under Secretary to GoM

    Government of Maharashtra
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    Susanta K. Padhi | DGM

    National Housing Bank