Importance of Remote Infrastructure Management for Businesses

Updated On : March 2020

The success of an organisation today is measured by its ability to achieve a cost advantage across its value creation process and a level of differentiation in the market. Businesses are recognizing the importance of efficient infrastructure management in different areas, to cater to the changing needs of an evolving clientele. This has made it necessary to bridge the gap between operations and business success. It has become crucial to manage IT infrastructure as a part of your business' service model.

Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) is an efficient solution for the growing need among businesses to better manage their IT environment. RIM is the process of managing the IT infrastructure of a company, entirely or in parts, from a remote location. RIM provides a whole assortment of infrastructure services as a single source with a range of remedial actions which can be performed without disrupting business operations.

The major advantage of employing RIM in an organization is being able to centralize the monitoring and maintain the IT systems from a remote location. Additionally, errors are detected instantly and repair and restoration work can be carried out promptly and remotely most of the time, saving a lot of time. Hence, RIM is useful for organizations split up and scattered across several locations around the world as it can support all the IT systems across these locations centrally, offering more coordination and better maintenance.

Here are some key benefits of Remote Infrastructure Management for businesses.

  • Round the Clock Support

    IT infrastructures can break down or malfunction anytime or anywhere and so organizations need to be prepared with a solution that is available 24X7. Remote infrastructure management services companies can deploy a team of experts to ensure effective monitoring of the organization's IT environment and round the clock support.

  • Enhanced Uptime

    Remote infrastructure service providers can supply organizations with high standard equipment, technicians, management expertise, and a wide range of other services, providing unparalleled uptime. Service providers can partner with others to integrate the latest technologies.

  • Customized and Additional Services

    Remote infrastructure management companies provide customized services for all business needs and requirements of organizations. They provide an option to hand-over the management of servers, maintenance of networks and on-site staff while offering additional services like infrastructure analysis which allows organizations to save costs and minimize downtime.

  • Lower Operational Costs

    It is important for organizations to reduce IT spends to stay competitive. The operational costs like the cost of purchasing enough space, maintaining a skilled staff, and having enough power, etc. can be mitigated by RIM, thus reducing the operational costs.

  • Enhance Productivity and Efficiency of the IT infrastructure

    RIM provides cutting-edge tools, technical expertise, infrastructure analysis and optimized methodologies which helps to improve the processes, and allows the staff to focus on core business processes. Thus, enhances the productivity and efficiency of the IT infrastructure.

Following are the Infrastructure Support Functions that can be managed remotely -

  • Up to 80% of Network related services can be managed
  • 75% of Internal help desk can be managed
  • 70% of Servers can be managed
  • 60% of Maintenance work can be done with RIM
  • Administration can be managed up to 35%
  • 30% of Mainframe can be managed
  • 15% of end devices can be managed

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