How Microfinance is Helping Household Income?

Updated On : Sep 2023

Low-income families, rural women, and the small businesses that they run are all frequently financially starving.Due to the frequent tiny transaction sizes and the difficult-to-reach clientele, the majority of conventional financial institutions consider them high-risk and expensive.

Microfinance aims to get rid of these problems. They help thelow-income families in balancing their change in income and help them save money for future needs. Microfinance helps families and small businesses flourish when circumstances are good; during difficult times, it may help with coping and reconstruction.

Below are thefewways by which the microfinance is helping household Income.

Encouraging Women Entrepreneurship

They have developed a successful business strategy that taps into the existing social infrastructure to inspire women's entrepreneurial spirit. Microfinance:‘har hausle ke saath’, a TV commercial, was launched by Microfinance Institutions Network (MFIN). It seeks to raise awareness of the ways in which the microfinance industry aids low-income, financially excluded women in realising their earning potential by providing easy, quick access to credit with no collateral. A microfinance company, Satin Creditcare Network Limited (SCNL), approved loans to rural women and helped them expand their weaving businesses.

Microfinance Outreach

With more than two lakh frontline staff members delivering credit and related services, they have made microfinance outreach possible in approximately 85% of India's districts.

The Role of the Digital Transition

Consistent engagement with customers through robust technological platforms has extended their reach to 729 districts, effectively establishing a robust connection between the physical and digital realms in India.

Micro, small, and medium-sized business financing to support women's empowerment

Giving women-led and -owned micro, small, and medium-sized businesses (MSMEs) greater financing alternatives which can boost women's salaries and standard of living.

Providing Financial and Educational Access to Rural Women

Microfinance schemes, which also aid in their financial independence, provide rural women the power to make informed decisions.

Strong RegulatoryEcosystem

The JanDhanAadhaar-Mobile (JAM) trinity, effective credit bureaus, and support from banks under priority sector financing all contribute to the industry's excellent regulatory environment.

The primary objective is to provide microfinance. Microfinance empowers individuals to improve their current situations by leveraging the concept of collective responsibility, which encompasses groups of 10 to 15 people seeking loans either jointly or individually. The emergence of microfinance organizations offering loans for small businesses has significantly contributed to the income growth of low-income households.

Microfinance solutions boost the availability of credit and allow customers to get loans when they most need them. Banks typically don't offer small loans to clients, but microfinance institutions (MFIs) step in to provide these microloans to fill the void. It promotes capital growth by increasing the quantity of money available to the underprivileged. MFIs provide these families credit in addition to meeting their basic requirements so they may modernise their houses, improve the neighbourhood healthcare system, and explore new business prospects. The socially disadvantaged profit since women receive the bulk of the microloans offered by MFIs. Microfinance also benefits people with impairments and those without work. These financial options help people improve their existing situations while boosting their quality of life.


As it is well known, financial institutions are essential to the expansion of our economy. Microfinance has a big impact on the distribution of poverty in society. Numerous banks in India have begun funding microfinance organisations. It encourages women's empowerment, which is important for the development of the country

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