Fintech Evolution in 2023: The Influence of AI and Data Science in India

Updated On : Oct 2023

Businesses have unlocked their full potential with the aid of technology, leveraging it to boost revenue, reduce costs, and streamline operations. India's financial sector has consistently embraced innovative technologies, leading to significant transformations. Currently, India stands as one of the leading Fintech markets globally, marked by rapid growth due to the rise of FinTech companies.

The growth of artificial intelligence and data science has transformed how finance works. Thanks to these technologies, financial services are now more advanced and efficient. FinTech, in particular, has seen improvements in its operations, delivering better performance. This positive change is fuelled byeasier access to high-quality data and information.

Revolutionizing Credit Assessment in Fintech through AI

In the dynamic landscape of the fintech sector, artificial intelligence (AI) plays a pivotal role in reshaping how lending businesses tackle the challenge of assessing an individual's credit history. Fintech enterprises, especially those focused-on lending, have crafted innovative and cutting-edge techniques for credit evaluation. Amid the various heuristic approaches available, AI stands out as the most effective solution.

This is particularly significant for individuals in rural areas with limited credit history, where traditional methods may fall short. AI empowers these fintech platforms to leverage diverse data sources, including central government data, farming records, social networks, and travel information. Through predictive modelling and machine learning (ML) techniques, AI opens new avenues for establishing credit scores. This not only addresses the gaps in conventional credit assessment but also paves the way for inclusive financial services in underserved communities.

Data Science aiding in risk mitigation

Many modern FinTech businesses in the lending market are leveraging a number of different data points to study consumer behaviour in order to prevent inaccurate client information and ensure accountable lending. Lenders can also define these data points based on a variety of other data sources, such as geographic and demographic traits, income bracket, gender, job status, organisational type, language, and many others. Data-driven analyses can be used to track consumer behaviour and perhaps spot fraudulent activity as part of an early warning system. Financial difficulties among customers will be identified earlier, giving time to fix them before they default.

The future FinTech generation in India is projected to be built on Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (DSAI).It is redefining and reshaping the concepts, objectives, resources, and tasks of these contemporary financial industry disruptors.It has the ability to alter how modern financial and economic institutions operate, go about their daily operations, interact with their stakeholders, and work together.DSAI creates innovative, unique, more complex, secure, and proactive products and services that make up the new industry of smart FinTech in addition to improving the efficiency, cost-effectiveness, CX, risk reduction, regulation, and security of present financial systems.

The landscape of digital lending is undergoing a noteworthy transformation due to the impactful influence of the smart FinTech industry. Instant lending solutions are made possible by the growth of FinTech businesses and the use of the DSAI methodology, which also enhances credit disbursement processes.

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