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Nelito’s ACH solutions are designed in lines with the vision of NPCI in making the existing ECS and other NPCI applications more robust, safe and error free.


Banks are needed to submit the details of mandate, ECS, APBS transactions to NPCI in a manual process. Usually it consists of uploading the file in to a server link as given by NPCI and then waiting for the response file to be generated from NPCI's server. This needs to be done for every single transaction.

H2H solution is designed to bypass this tedious process. The complete process has been automated making it more reliable and efficient and ensure seamless automation between Banks and NACH System.

Nelito's H2H Solution


  • Capability to process formats for ACH DR, ACH CR, NACH CR (ECS), NACH DR (ECS), APB, EBT,MMS, Aadhaar Mapper file formats, etc.
  • Auto split/merge files based on set limit.
  • Auto signing & verifying of files.
  • Seamless file transfer (pull/push) from NACH server using SFTP protocol.
  • Handling Acknowledgements received from NACH system.
  • Handling capability for NACH functionalities including Bank extension, Partially Rejected file, rejected files and cancelled files.
  • An admin menu to create/modify parameters for record count limit where ever applicable, polling time interval, folder path, NACH user ID password, SFTP IP, Port, etc.
  • To read and use digital certificates from tokenor HSM card.
  • On-screen reports for banks to monitor the files status and file split/merge details.
  • Solution is developed in Java and supports SQL Server and Oracle database systems.
  • Alerts are sent to users by email, if negativeor positive acknowledgement file is received.

Solution Features and Functionalities of NACH H2H (Host2Host) client end solution

H2H Solution Functional Architecture

Handling of input and return files

Files to be uploaded by bank are placed in the designated hot folder path of Host to Host application; polling services of the application identify the new file from the ones that are already processed. The files are passed to the file processor to identify the file type. Based on the file type the file is passed.

If the file size is greater than the configured limit the file is split automatically. The H2H solution then automatically signs the file and transfersit to NACH Server. After success of transfer ACK / NACK file is pulled from NACH server.

An email is sent to the configured email address if a negative acknowledgement (NACK) is received.

Handling inward and response file

Polling services check for new files on NACH server, once new file is identified it is pulled to H2H application. The file is unsigned/verified and based on the configured record count merged and pushed to the bank designated folder.

NACH functionalities and file formats

NACH file formats can be setup via the H2H application and are used as templates for identifying a particular type of file. Since it is configurable addition or modification of structure of files is quicker and does not require redeployment of application. Host toHost application supports NACH functionalities of bank extension, partial rejection or cancelled files.

Marquee Clients

  • The Nainital Bank Ltd
  • The Akola District Central Co-op. Bank Ltd. Akola
  • SJSB – Multi-State Schedule Bank
  • Navnirman Co-operative Bank Ltd.
  • The Baroda City Co-operative Bank Ltd.


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    “The Bank is associated with M/S Nelito since 2002. M/S Nelito Systems Ltd has been our CBS vendor since 2009. The Products, quality of service offered by them are excellent. They have a very good support team and are trained enough for handling any type of situation.”

    D K Kandpal | Vice President (IT)

    Nainital Bank

    “Good & Co-operative.”

    Ronniee Gupta | DGM

    UCO Bank
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    Nagendra Nath Sinha | Principal Secretary IT

    Government of Jharkhand, Ranchi
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    “Our Bank is attached with Nelito Systems Ltd since 2002 and migrated to CBS on FinCraftTM CBS Core Banking Solution of Nelito Systems Ltd, in the year 2005.The application is functionally rich, user friendly and easy to navigate. We are using other supporting interfaces of Nelito like anywhere ATM, SMS Banking, RTGS/NEFT, Share Accounting etc and it has helped us in smooth automation of Banking operations. The bank is getting more time for Business Development”

    V P Bhandari | Managing Director

    Hindu Co-operative bank
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    • As Vendor strict adherence to process & procedures
    • Risk Mitigants in Place
    • Flexible to customer requirements

    Dinesh Negi | VP (Clg)

    DCB Bank Ltd
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    “Nelito’s proactive customer centric approach and use of industry best practices enabled us to convert our business function in world class core IT application .”

    Umesh Ikhe | Group CTO

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    “The Software has excellent real time response even from our remote branch which is app. 100 kms from the Data center”

    Rashmikant Kalathia | Ex. General Manger

    Ahmedabad People Co-operative Bank Ltd.
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    “Nelito has given one stop solution and completed the browser based CBS Computerization of 54 branches within 7 months of our order. We are happy with the product and services “

    B.J. Kale | General Manager

    Akola DCCB